Video fra nattens spacex opsendelse

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket will deliver the ABS 3A and EUTELSAT 115 West B satellites to a supersynchronous transfer orbit.

The mission marked the first time SpaceX launched two large satellites in one flight, and the procedure was also the debut of a patented tandem payload stack developed by Boeing, which manufactured the Eutelsat 115 West B and ABS 3A spacecraft.

Next up for the Eutelsat and ABS satellites is a series of intricate maneuvers to raise their orbits using only xenon-fueled ion thrusters, a design innovation incorporated for the first time into the tandem payloads launched Sunday.

The two spacecraft mark the debut for a new lightweight platform called the Boeing 702SP, which differs from other communications satellite designs with the removal of the large fuel tank that forms the core of most spacecraft.


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